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Update: Sheldon Strip Transcriptions

Do you remember the project we started about 9 months ago? The one to transcribe all 1900 Sheldon comic strips, so that you could search for your favorite strip…just by typing in a word, a description, or a scrap of dialogue?

Well, I’m happy to report that we’re very, very close to that final goal. As of now, all 1900 archived strips have all been transcibed! And of those, 1430 have been edited and approved by the official Sheldon editors — the crime-fighting action squad “The Grammarians” — and put into the system.

Special, HUGE thanks go to two Grammarians, Shalaina and Toby, who have so far edited 760 and 540 strips, respectively. They have gone above and beyond in the project, and I’ll be sending them both a Sheldon Original Strip of their choosing, as a thank you from all of us.

In the meantime, why not test out the fruits of their labor? Go to the Archives Search page, type in a word like “awesome” or “Klingon” or “jazz hands” or “Winston Churchill”, and see how many strips come up! Even with 500 strips left to go, the system works really well!