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Updates from Sheldonistas

Lots of stuff in the ol’ mailbag to catch up on:

1.) Sheldonista Katy M. sent in this little adventure, which sounded very Flaco-esque.


Jan-Erik S. from Sweden sent in a pretty awesome wooden Flaco that he saw in an art shop. (Jan-Erik also mentioned that 123 Krona = about 20 bucks.)


Sheldonista Judy K. sent in this photo after reading her copy of “Pugs”. This pic cracks me up, because, oddly, my brain has put a Jersey accent to the pug, saying “Deeez are not da droidz you’re lookin’ faah.”


Barbara C. sent in this pic of her reading “Pugs” while on vacation at California’s Montana de Oro State Park. Apparently, the book has helped win over three of the four family members to becoming Sheldonistas. Dad’s the hold out. C’mon, pop.


Fellow cartoonist Krishna sent in this little gem for the gang. I like how the colors are rendered in 50’s/60’s flat tones. Nice! (And of course, Sheldon’s wearing a shirt from his favorite toy line: Starslip Crisis. In the Sheldon-verse: “Starslip” is a Saturday-morning kid’s show that’s been running since the mid-80’s. I’m not sure what “Sheldon” constitutes in the “Starslip-verse”. A2Z programmed by Sheldonsoft, perhaps?)


And finally, Sheldonista Karloman H., from Flanders, sent in a colored reworking of yesterday’s desktop image.

If you want a 2600×1500-size image that you can crop/fit to your monitor, here you go.

Thanks, one and all, for the e-mails! And I only have about 300 more unread in my inbox, so I’m catching up as I’m feelin’ better!