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We all went as Princess Leia

First the pics, then we’ll get into the explanation:

So, just to take you through the decision-making on this, here’s how it went down:

1.) We thought it would be cute if I was Luke, Glo was Leia, and I’d have a little “Yoda” riding on my back, ala “Empire Strikes Back”.

2.) But, when we started to look at baby Star Wars costumes, the baby Princess Leia was just too cute.

3.) That, right there, is where our thinking went off track. Does Glo then become Amidala? But then who do I become, in that scenario? Boss Nass? Greedo? Some dude in the background at Jabba’s palace? It just wasn’t working.

4.) So, we settled on the ol’ comedy “Rule of Threes”, and all went as Leia.

Et, voila.