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Friends, the long-promised DRIVE site is finally here! Tell your friends! Tell your cat! Tell your friend’s cat!

I gotta tell you…this feels good. It feels right. DRIVE was a project I had wanted to start for years…and you guys were very kind to let me get a runnin’ start with it at Sheldon on Saturdays. But it deserves its own site. It needs its own site. And now it’s got one!

Tyler Martin of MindFaucet did a lovely job designin’ it, and my awesome host and tech guru Phillip at Dumbrella Hosting worked wonders implementing it into his architecture. I can’t thank those two enough.

In answer to some of the questions I’m already gettin’ about the new site….:

1.) Will DRIVE still appear on Sheldon on Saturdays?
For the time being, yes. At least for a few more weeks, to help folks transition over who’ll miss this announcement. Longer term….I honestly haven’t made up my mind.

2.) Will DRIVE update on Saturdays at the new site?
It’ll get moved to Wednesdays, probably.

3.) Will there be more than one DRIVE per week?
This is something I’d *love* to do, but time is a big factor, here. Know that I really want to…but am just not sure if I can, yet. DRIVE got started, and continues, as a labor of love more than anything else…so I find time for it whenever I can.

4.) Is this DRIVE site the secret creative project you mentioned, a long time ago?
No, that’s somethin’ else. Somethin’ I haven’t talked about, yet. (…not out of mystery, mind you: I’ve just learned that creative projects that get talked about, aren’t creative projects that get finished.)

5.) If I notice abug in the new DRIVE site, how do I tell you?

Any bug reports are welcome via e-mail or forum comments — with huge thanks! As with any new site, there’ll be some hiccups as we go, but that’ll all get ironed out in the next week or two.

6.) Does my “Sheldon” user account work here??

Yes! You can log into the forum just like you would over at Sheldon, easy-peasy. And, if you wanted to sign your user account up to receive the DRIVE strips in your e-mail inbox, as you do with SHELDON, just do this:
– Log in to the DRIVE site, here
– Then, go to your account info, here, and click the little-little box indicating you’d like to receive “stuff” from DRIVE. (We’ve made that term un-helpfully un-specific.)

More questions? Bugs you’ve spotted in the site? Ask ’em below!