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1st-Ever Sheldon Caption Contest!

After having fun with the tagline contest (…that winner will be announced on Wednesday!), we’re jumping right in to our first-ever Caption Contest! Just fill in Arthur’s voice bubble with the knock-down funniest punchline you can think of — and you’ll win a shirt, a book, and some original art!

Here’s how it’ll go down…..

Thems the Rules:

– Everyone gets only three entries. So! I’d recommend not going-to-town and posting all three right away. Maybe take an hour, a day, a few days…and let it stew in your noggin’. You’d be surprised how jokes can transmogrify when you give them time to percolate.

– Entries have to be posted below. My poor inbox already gets clobbered, so please don’t e-mail them to me. Plus, sharing your ideas publicly is half the fun. It’s cool to see what other people come up with. (And to see who beat you to the punch!)

– Keep it clean! It’s a family-friendly comic!

– Remember that brevity is very often the soul of wit: Not only does the joke *have* to fit in Arthur’s voice bubble…I can tell you from experience that the shorter joke is often the better option.

– Have fun with it!

– But seriously: Only three entries per person. 🙂

Thems the Winnin’s:

– You have until October 10th to get your caption(s) posted.

– After that, I’ll pick my 10-15 favorites, post them in the forum for your feedback/comments, and then I’ll pick the final winner a few days later.

– The winner will get a free Sheldon book and shirt of their choice…along with the original art from the contest WITH their caption written in! Blam-o!