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And the winner is…

After 300+ entries, and well over 2,300 votes in the forums, I’ve picked our winnin’ Sheldon tagline:

“The best things in life are Squee!”

Congrats to Sheldonistas AyersRock2000 for their winning submission: They’ll be getting their choice of any Original Art they want from the Sheldon archives.

Also, I should mention our two fantastic runner-ups:

– “When life hands you billions, make a talking duck.” (Which is the best summary of the strip I’ve heard in a long while.), and…

– “100% Awesome-Sauce”. (Which is a great summary of the mood of the strip.)

The runners-up will both receive invisible-but-highly-potent-high-fives-sent-over-the-internet.

Thanks to everyone for participatin’. It was so much fun to read all the suggested taglines, and I hope you had fun with it! Thanks!

Also: I should mention, in regards to Monday’s Caption Contest, that I’m aware the Sheldon Forum signup system is a bit — ahem — clunky, and I apologize if it’s given you any grief. I’ve gone in and manually “confirmed” all the new signups from the last few days…so new users should be good to go. But if you’re finding you still can’t log in, drop me an e-mail and we’ll fix what needs fixin’! “Technology: Makin’ Life Super Easy For As Long As Anyone Can Remember.”