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3-D Printing of Sheldon

At Emerald City Comicon, a really nice Sheldon reader named Matthew asked if he could do some 3-D printing of Sheldon characters, or Drive characters/ships.

Having worked at Mattel Toys, and fallen in love with their super-expensive 3-D printers waaaaaay in the back of the Mattel Design Center, I of course said “Yes!” ….3-D printing is awesome. (Not familiar with it? Here’s a sped-up YouTube video to give you the basic idea.)

Anyway, to do a 3-D printing, Matthew needs a CAD-type file that could be “loaded into Blender or Sketchup”, which, I’ll be honest, I don’t have. I just draws ’em, I don’t have the skill to model ’em.

But! I know there are a few Sheldonistas out there who have started CAD files of Drive ships, or who have hand-sculpted Sheldon characters in the past. If the former would be willing to share their files, or the latter be willing to do a 3-D scan — if they have access to one — send ’em on to Matthew! Matthew notes that “simpler models print best.”