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3 Quick Notes

1.) My Con recap, with pics, is still a-comin’! I haven’t forgotten!

2.) After many, many hundreds of e-mails from folks, I’ve decided the shirts and buttons will go for sale up on the site. We sold through darn near all of ’em, though, so it’s gonna take me a little bit to get them on the site. I’ll try to time it for when the new book goes on sale.

3.) Speaking of which! The new book! Will be for sale! On the site! In just a little bit! And! Clearly! I’ve developed! Some terrible! Exclamation-based disease!

I’m currently putting 250 awesome sketches into 250 awesome Artist Editions, and then the whole shebang will go onsale. Time for me to get crack-a-lackin’!

And remember: folks who have signed up for the Sheldon newsletter get first crack at those 250 copies. (If you’re subscribed to the Sheldon-by-Email service, you also get the newsletter.)