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Announcement 3: San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive T-shirt

This strip got such an awesome reaction when it appeared, that we ended up turning it into a button. And, in a way that still surprises me, that one button disappears faster at conventions than any other Sheldon buttons. So I thought it’d be neat to do it as an exclusive t-shirt for San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s how it came out:

That’s me in that picture, by the way (not), lookin’ pretty ripped (not), from all the workin’ out I do (not) like 4 times a day (not).

Anyway! You can snag your San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive T-shirt next week, at booth #2107!

And who knows: If they get a good reaction at San Diego, we might bring ’em in the Sheldon Store. We’ll see what folks think of ’em.