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Artist Edition #1: “Still Got It”

Hot off the presses, copies of the new Sheldon book, “Still Got It,” are here! I’ve started crack-a-lackin’ on drawing all 300 Artist Edition copies of the book, which will be going on sale in the next few days. But! In the meantime, check out the artistic flourish that I ended up giving to the #1 book!

(…and here’s another little Flaco on the facing page, commenting on the #1/300…)

We’ll be separating #1 out from the other books for the true Uber-Sheldonista out there who wants the best of the Artist Editions for their bookshelf. ** Here’s your chance to snag it!** Shipping for this book will be FREE in the U.S., and we’ll start the ball rolling at 1 penny for it….’cause I’d rather let you guys decide what it’s worth.

(Click here for a larger image.)