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Big Ol’ Sale on Original Art! Woo-hoo!

Sheldonista Georg S. sent me a very funny e-mail today about the Chrysler/Mercedes “Dr. Z” (Zetsche) strips, letting me know that Daimler-Chrysler is now just called “Daimler” (…take THAT, Mr. Benz!)

But at the end of his e-mail, Georg wrote:

“Because I live in Dresden, I’ll never make it to US comics conventions like SPX. Will you offer your artwork at the convention price, for Germans like me […] who can’t make the trip?”

Well Georg (God I love that name…I want to keep writing it and writing it), you are right! I *should* do something like that for folks who can’t make it to conventions! In fact, I should’ve done that for the 2000th strip! To celebrate! So I’m doing it now, for you, Georg (…that name… so…awesome).

So it’s big ol’ sale time! From now until next Tuesday…Sheldon readers everywhere can snatch their favorite original strip for $25 off. And if, like Georg (…that name…so wonderful…no words…they should’ve sent a poet), you happen to be buying a strip using Euros or Loonies or any other currency known to man — you’re making out like a bandit with today’s dollar value. Right, Georg? (…I seriously can’t stop saying your name. This isn’t healthy.).

How do you grab your favorite strip? Just navigate to the comic you want, and click the blue “Buy Today’s Original Art” button underneath it. (And if you can’t find your favorite? Search for it, using keywords or punchlines in the super-cool Search-o-Matic!

Also, and this is critical to say one last time…“Georg”.