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DRIVE at GoComics

Today, my scifi strip DRIVE gains a second home on the web, at GoComics.com/Drive. The story will begin at the beginning for a whole new audience over there.

EVERYTHING REMAINS THE SAME AT THE DRIVE SITE ITSELF, just so you know: The archives, new strips, and advancing story all stay the same. Nothing is changing, there.

So why the second home? I’m in love with this project, and this is a great way to introduce the story to tens of thousands of new folks. See, I’m like that friend on Facebook, desperate to show you pictures of my baby. That’s the perfect metaphor, here. EVERYONE MUST LOVE MY CHILD. 🙂

So! To recap:
1.) DRIVE has a second home, and the story begins anew, at GoComics.com/drive
2.) Nothing is changing at drivecomic.com
3.) And as always, please tell scifi-lovin’ friends to try the strip!