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Exclusive ComicCon T-Shirts

Triple bits of fun news on the ComicCon front:

1.) There is the possibility — the possibility, mind you — that the new Sheldon book could be available at ComicCon. They probably won’t arrive Wednesday or Thursday…but there’s a chance they’ll be there for Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Watch the blog for updates, I’ll know more as we get closer!

2.) This year, there will be ComicCon-Exclusive Sheldon T-shirts for sale! Not available online, these super-soft, super-awesome “American Apparel” shirts are only available in San Diego at booth #1330. Check ’em out:

…if you have an interest in the shirts, but can’t make it to the ‘Con — drop me a line. If enough folks are interested in them, I’ll consider putting ’em up for sale on the site.

3.) We’ll also be having 8 different types of ComicCon-Exclusive Sheldon buttons! They’re neat. I’ll put pics of those up tomorrow.