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The Ford Five Hundr…I Mean, “Taurus”

Every once in a while, I love to poke fun at car companies.

You remember, of course, the long-running Chrysler jokes ’round these parts….

…but do you recall this little gem? About Subarus?

That darn Subaru cartoon generated more hate mail than pratically anything I’ve ever done. It was hilarious. For most of the week, guys (…they were all guys) kept e-mailing me specs and stats about how rad their Subaru was, and how not-at-all-dorky it looked….desperately trying to reassure me that their car was, in fact, really, really awesome.

Of course, by posting about it again, I’m sure I just invited 9,000 new e-mails that point out the amazing breaking capabilities on the new Subaru WRX…but it’s worth it. I still love that cartoon.