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Fan Theory Time!

The full story for DRIVE came to me during at a book signing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles in 2007.

Since that time, I’ve only told one person the final ending for DRIVE: Fred Schroeder, the Director of the comics documentary “Stripped.”

He’s the only one that knows.

But! About six months ago, one Patreon backer guessed, pretty much point-for-point, the final plot lines of the story. I intentionally said nothing, and waited for their comment to get buried in the sands of time. But now, I thought we’d have fun with that.

So! Patreon backers, here’s what you do:

1.) Watch the video!
2.) Write your theory of how the story of DRIVE will end on >>THIS PATREON POST<<. We’ll check back on your theories when the story wraps up, to see who was closest!
3.) If Fred Schroeder is reading this: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST.
4.) And if you want: You can like/heart the theory you think works best. Whether it’s yours or someone else’s!