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New subreddit for DRIVE! r/drivecomic

Hey gang!

This past weekend, I met a few employees from Reddit, and they talked me into starting a subreddit for DRIVE. So, voila, check it out:


I’ll be honest. I haven’t…loved…the Disqus system on the DRIVE site. So! In anticipation of designing the new DRIVE site in the upcoming months, I thought we’d try Reddit over Disqus.

Reddit is the fifth-largest website on the internet, and most (all?) of us have interfaced with it once or twice, at minimum. The up-vote system is brilliant, and there’s a broadly understood segmentation of ideas/conversations under different “Posts”.

So! It’s a process: We’ll try this out, and see how folks like it. In the meantime, feel free to chime in at the subreddit…and see what you think!