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Festival of Cartoon Art

This past weekend was the triennial “Festival of Cartoon Art” at Ohio State University, and the weekend was an absolute joy.

I told the Festival organizer, Jenny Robb, that it was the single greatest cartooning event I’ve ever attended — and I meant it.

The weekend is designed for pro-cartoonists, historians, academics, and passionate comics fans. It’s the perfect mix of academic talks, professional talks, beautiful museum exhibits, cartoon library tours, and big headliners like Matt Groening and Art Speigelman.

I was honored to be one of the guest speakers this year, especially among such an amazing list of folks.

If the video of the speech came out all right, I’ll share it with you guys… or, I’ll pass along the transcript to Fleen.com as I promised.

Since giving the talk, though, I’ve had two other cartooning organizations ask me to give the talk again, though — so it may be coming to a town near you. 🙂