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As one sci-fi lover to another, allow me to lean in close to relay this in serious tones:

Firefly is some of the best sci-fi to ever originate from TV. If you haven’t yet seen it, do yourself a favor and get the DVDs.

My wife and I missed the show when it originally aired (as did most people, in all honesty). But when we popped the DVDs in, we were totally enthralled. And a little heartbroken when we got to the last one. It was one of those brilliant shows that was killed long before its time — and for all the wrong reasons.

So if you haven’t seem ’em, rent ’em! Well worth the watch.

Also: my my buddy Kris Straub has a pretty brilliant take on the Future/Cowboy/Mandarin language structure of the show. After you’ve watched the DVD, check out his character Zillionfor a laugh.

Also! Tomorrow! The Star Wars storyline has to go on hold for the big six-day contest between myself and the Unshelved guys! Who can make the most funny out of coffee cup lids? Man, I hope it’s me! If not, don’t hate me!