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The Great Coffee Cup Lid Challenge

And so it begins! Today is day one in trying to find six days of funny out of a thin, circular piece of plastic!

If you remember, the lads behind Unshelved threw down the gauntlet a few weeks back, challenging me to a one-week duel of comics…where the topic is the mundane, unfunny, thoroughly boring coffee cup lid. And today the battle royale starts!

And you! You will be able to tell your grandchildren you were there, at “The Great Coffee Cup Lid Challenge”! You were among the throngs that watched as two comic strips tried desperately (emphasis on desperately) to find something funny to say about plastic coffee cup lids! You were among those who paraded the victor through the streets, like the ancient Roman Triumphs of old! And you were there as the mob proceeded to sack the home of the losing cartoonist, taking all of their moderately-priced furniture for their own!

So make sure you add Unshelved to your daily reading list…then sit back and enjoy the show.

(Sidenote: I highly suspect that, by day six, we’ll both be dipping into old Vaudeville jokes about seltzer water, desperately looking for anything funny to say about coffee cup lids).