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Four Trucks and the Angel of Death

1.) Is it possible to truly rock out to 1930’s Bluegrass music? If it is possible, then I HAVE DONE SUCH A THING THIS MORNING.

2.) Yesterday, whilst on one of Los Angeles’ many fine freeways, I had the unique experience of being surrounded by four full-size tractor-trailers while driving 65 mph. One in front of me, one behind me, and one on either side. It felt like I was driving in my own little cave. It also kinda felt like I was gonna die at any moment, but let’s focus on the positive aspects.

3.) I’ve already received a half-dozen e-mails from folks bummed they missed the Artist Editions of 62% More Awesome, but so far only one Sheldonista has started a public appeal for one. If you can help her out, awesome!

[Edit: A few of your e-mails today make me realize I need to clarify: “62% More Awesome” is not sold out..only the limited-number Artist Editions. Copies of “62% More Awesome” are still available in the store. My apologies if I added to the confusion, there.]