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“Get it at the gettin’ store…”

My dear, much-loved, highly intelligent brother-in-law John hails from Georgia, and one of my favorite Georgia-isms that he (rarely) uses is “I got this at the gettin’ store” or “You can get one of those at the gettin’ place.” It’s such a great phrase, and it always makes me laugh. I love it. So I had to work it in to today’s strip.

And, just to balance out the perception that I’m picking on Georgia unfairly, let me point you to three Sheldon strips that help show what a patently ridiculous place California is:




I actually think Georgia would be a great place to live for a while. My wife and I have a short list of 4-5 cities we’d like to live in before we die, and Savannah’s one of ’em. It has gorgeous, gorgeous architecture, a hip art scene…and I’d love nothing better than to teach sequential art (comics) at Savannah College of Art and Design’s excellent program. Georgia: It’s the new hotness.