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U.S. Shipping ‘n Stuff

1.) Just a heads up for U.S. gift-givers: Last call for Christmas purchases in the Sheldon Store is Dec. 17th, for those using Priority Mail shipping and not paying by e-check. There are always a few people (myself included!) that realize on the 23rd that they forgot to get a gift for Uncle Jim, so I try to give one last holler.

2.) Satisfaction guaranteed: It’s worth reminding folks that if your order arrives and there is anything out of place, drop me a line and we’ll fix it for you. Lots of times, it’s because the mailman crammed a 14″ package into a 4″ mailslot. That’s not your fault! And we’ll happily send you another one on us — or whatever it takes to get it right. We’re cool like that!

3.) For those that tried to get a “Lizard” Artist’s Edition today but missed it, my genuine apologies. Those final ten went in just a few minutes. (And if your heart was set on an Artist’s Edition, there are 19 left of “Pure Ducky Goodness” in the store.)

4.) And just a reminder for the gift-givers: Every Original Art purchase between now and Christmas comes with a free Sheldon book of your choosing! Just e-mail me after you’ve ordered, telling me which book you’d like! And it’s Swooshy McGee, in the mail to your door.

“Swooshy McGee?”