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All Hail Glornak the Ridiculous!

Wow! I have to say: I am VERY impressed to see how many folks responded to the Glornak decal idea.

At current count, I have 317 e-mails from folks saying they share my dorkiness, and want one for their car. Which is rad.

Lots of folks asked me if I could do a Glornak-only decal, or a decal customized with *their* family names…but alas, I’m not set up for that level of customization. And the templated family is half the fun, for me. But! Simple solution! Using the magic of scissors, I’m thinking you should be able to just slice off the templated family, and add Glornak to your existing decals. Huzzah for simple solutions!

I’ll take the next few days to research ways to do a white-printed, clear-vinyl decal, and hopefully we’ll have Glornak decals before I head out to Maryland’s SPX (“Small Press Expo”) on Oct. 12-13!

And for everyone who asked: I’ll consider doing a Glornak t-shirt. Like you, my wife thought that would be a great idea.

…thanks again to everyone who e-mailed!