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Hey hey hey! New books!

I’m super excited for this, guys: Two new books are in the store, today!

COFFEE: IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER: Finally, a book for coffee addicts like you! A comic strip collection that takes on your daily routine of caffeine headaches, constant sweating, and midnight coffee cravings! And just $15, you say? Could it be more affordable?

DRIVE 2: THE EMPEROR CALLS: For those of you reading my scifi strip “Drive,” this book picks up right in the middle of the action. And hooo doggy, the action is heatin’ up, my friends. Heatin’ up!

Both books are available now in the Sheldon Store as either Artist’s Editions (stamped, numbered, signed, and sketched in), or as various combo packs.

And thank you guys for supporting the strip! I don’t say it enough…but when you treat yourself to one of the books, what you’re really doing is keeping the strip going. So THANK YOU!