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His linework is good, but he needs to work on his shading…

This elephant is kinda awesome. If I didn’t think he was “trained” somehow to recreate this shape again and again…I’d be even more amazed.

I doubt, though, that elephants have the ability to think abstractly about themselves dancing with flowers… yes? Is that a safe assumption? I mean, I know dolphins and some monkeys have enough sense of “selfhood” to identify themselves in a mirror, but can an elephant independently abstract what “elephantness” looks like, recreate it in lineart, and give it a flower for good artistic flourish…all on his own? Surely this is just a trained set of actions.

If you’re an animal behavioralist who knows of such things, by all means, chime in below!

Regardless…pretty cool elephant. An awesome fella to have around at parties, I’d imagine. “Hey, Tumbaala, come show my friends your version of Whistler’s Mother”.