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“Paaaaaancake” Original Art!

Fun news for every Sheldonista who missed their chance on this Original Art: today’s your day to snag the Original Art for the Pancake-Eatin’-Extravaganza Splash Page in the “Good Luck, Baby Duck” storyline!

This drawing was an exclusive for “A Blizzard of Lizards” — flip to page 125 and you’ll see all cool little drawn details in the pic. Then head on over and throw your hat into the ring… here.

I love it when I really get a chance to *draw*…to stretch out, take my time and enjoy all the little nooks an crannies of a drawing. This drawing was definitely one of those times. Here, let me show you some close-ups:

For whoever ends up getting the drawing, I’m also going to add in the original pencil sketch for the splash-page, like so:

So, if you want a little slice of pancake awesomeness, swing on over!