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Hugo Awards

After yesterday’s post about the nice io9 article, I got three separate e-mails from readers saying “…Hey! I nominated DRIVE for a Hugo Award.” Which kinda took me aback, as I didn’t even know DRIVE was eligible. But I just read the rules, and apparently it is!

So! If you’re eligible to nominate and vote in the Hugos, know that book one “DRIVE: A Hero Rises”, is eligible for the Best Graphic Story category.

Now, let’s be honest: You and I both know that Phil and Kaja Foglio of the brilliant Girl Genius will *win*. But it’d be neat just to sit next to them and breathe in their talented vapors. 🙂

…and thanks to those who nominated DRIVE, already! That was a real kindness for a cartoonist who didn’t even know how these things worked!