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In light of Michigan’s loss…

As a Notre Dame alum, I took great joy in seeing Michigan lose to 1-AA Appalachian State this past weekend. (Of course, I took less joy in seeing ND lose to Georgia Tech…so let’s keep the focus on Michigan.)

My first question was: who booked this game for Michigan? Am I ign’ant in thinking that no good can come of a highly ranked Michigan playing a 1-AA team? I mean, if you win, no one cares. And if you win, but only by a close margin, everyone hoots and hollers. And if you lose, Lord above. People go nuts with the abuse.

My favorite part of the entire episode? My friend Dave Scales forwarded me this little YouTube gem from Appalachian State University…along with this explanation for the ASU team name, The Yosefs:

“Yosef is the mascot for Appalachian State. The origin of the name Yosef comes from mountain talk for “yourself”, the idea being that if you are a fan, friend or alumnus and have a heart of black and gold, you are Yosef.”


In a separate-but-related note: in light of ND’s loss to Georgia Tech, you’ve just been spared a season of blog posts from me about how the Irish are doing this year. Which is probably a good thing, considering how many friends I have that went to USC and UCLA. 🙂