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Larry & Suzette, of Borg

Today’s toon is strictly for the Star Trek nerds.

It’s always sort of bugged me that Picard got the name “Locutus of Borg” (“loquor locutus”, if I have my latin right: to say, speak, tell). Why the unique identity? Why the personalization? What up with that, basically? It makes no sense in the context of the Borg.

The writers tried to save it in the movie “Star Trek: First Contact”, saying Picard was a “special” Borg. But I say boo to that. I say the writers blew it on the first go ’round…and tried to explain it away later.

But anyway! The whole thing got me thinking about distinctive personalities within the Borg collective…and I started chuckling at the thought of Larry and Suzette, of Borg. They’re sort of a happy-go-lucky midwestern couple in their mid-40s. Larry works for Deloitte & Touche as an in-house corporate accounting consultant, and Suzette sells Amway in her free time. They drive a Chrysler Sebring, and have a three bedroom, two bath house in the suburbs. And of course, they’re both Borg.

If it could work for Locutus, I say why not for Larry and Suzette?


Related sidenote: I’m a gigantic nerd for even finding this funny, aren’t I?