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Best Lumber Response

My previous blog post about “That’s a lot of lumber” generated a LOT of very funny e-mails about folks trying it out (or trying to try it out, and failing in funny ways).

But my favorite and least expected response came from German Sheldon reader Jörg, who writes:

“There’s a German idiom which goes: “Das ist eine Menge Holz.”

Which is the exact translation of “this is a lot of lumber”. In German it is usually used in reference to money.

Person A: What did this yacht cost you?
Person B: 5.000.000$
Person A: Wow, das ist ‘ne ganze Menge Holz/this is a lot of lumber

Of course, a lot of lumber could also be five bucks, it depends on your income and what the five bucks were spent on. 5 bucks for a chewing gum would certainly be a lot of lumber!”

Jörg, thanks for writing. That is complete awesome-sauce that that phrase already exists in German.

“That’s a lot of lumber.” Try it at home today!