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My Nerdery Has Its Limits

OK, yes, granted, I *was* looking at the Star Wars online encyclopedia for a big chunk of my day today. And yes, granted, that *does* make me a huge nerd.

But there comes a time in every nerd’s life when an invisible line is suddenly crossed. It’s a moment of sudden illumination that causes a previously fun activity — such as looking at an online Star Wars encyclopedia — to instantly become the lamest possible way you could be spending your day.

Ladies and gentlemen, that invisible line, that moment of illumination….came for me today in the form of THIS RIDICULOUS STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRY.

…and here’s my followup thought, since I now have to comment on this: The duck’s homeworld is “Naboo”? Really? Is this really what we’re shooting for here? I mean, c’mon…I’m all for suspension of disbelief and immersion in a sci-fi universe, but isn’t that kinda ruined when you start listing “Ducks” as being from “Naboo”? What’s next?

“Species: Chihuahua. Homeworld: “The Ice Planet Hoth.”

“Species: Cute Baby Otter. Homeworld: Tattoine.”

“Species: Rare White Tiger. Homeworld: That weird lava planet where Anakin got served.”