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New Jersey, Revisited

Today I learned that making fun of New Jersey is a great way to fill up your inbox. Lordy! Reactions to Friday’s cartoon broke down in roughly this manner:

1. People Who Have Never Visited New Jersey: “Ha!”

2. People Who Have Visited New Jersey Once or Twice: “Ha!”

3. People Who Grew Up Outside of New Jersey, But Who Now Find Themselves Living in New Jersey: “Ha!”

4. People Who Grew Up in New Jersey, And Love Their State: “I am going to bust your kneecaps.”

Good times!


…I actually got a lot of funny, informative e-mails on New Jersey, on its fine gardens and verdant flora, and a few e-mails on the state’s Federal “Superfund” cleanup sites. The e-mails ran the gamut!

And if you’re a New Jersey resident who still wants to hate me, please don’t. I’m such a lovable guy. Seriously. The cheeks on me…so pinchable. And here’s the sad truth of it: I only make fun of other states because I have a governor who can’t pronounce the name of the state he governs.

(Today’s Tip-For-My-Governor: it’s not pronounced “Gal-ee-vornya”)