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New shirts! New sizes! New shirt place!

Four fun bits of news today:

1.) There’s a new Sheldon shirt just for folks pug-lovers: “Anatomy of a Pug”! Check it out…

2.) “Lucky Duck” shirts are now available for dudes! That’s right, fellas, we heard you: Now there are women’s AND men’s sizes!

3.) By popular request, “Mind of a Ninja, Body of a Manatee” shirts now go as large as 4XL! Which, as you’ve told us repeatedly, is only appropriate!

4.) Also, I’m excited to say we have a new and super-stylin’ place for Sheldon shirts! You guys already know that Sheldon books, original art and more can be found at the Sheldon Store — and that’ll still be true — but now the folks at Topatoco will be handling all our shirts! This means we’ll have more new shirts, larger size selections, and faster restocking than ever before. “Anatomy of a Pug” is just the first of many shirts we’ll be adding to classics like Coffee: It’s What’s For Dinner.

We have entered the long-prophesized Golden Age of T-shirts, my friends. 🙂