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Now Available: Artist’s Editions of “62% More Awesome”

1.) Limited Artist’s Editions for “62% More Awesome” are now available in the Sheldon Store! First dibs were offered to Sheldon newsletter subscribers, so there are only 83 copies left as of this blog post. Snag your copy now before they’re all gone!

Whoever is lucky enough to get the last copy gets an extra-special sketch of awesomeness inside.

2.) Regular editions of “62%” will be available in the store next week, after the book launch party.

3.) Regarding orders from the Sheldon Store: some readers have noted that I’ve been refunding excess shipping fees after we’ve shipped their order out.

The goal, for me, is to charge folks *exactly* what it costs us to ship…and no more. Shipping can be expensive enough as it is — and nothing gets me more ticked than when an online store or an eBay seller tries to make their shipping fees a profit center. I always shake an impotent fist at those people.

The Sheldon Store has some automatic shipping algorithms in place that try to apply the right shipping costs to your order, and they’re pretty accurate, 95% of the time. But whenever a reader was charged more than was needed, or whenever we spot a shipping efficiency that the computer missed, the excess gets refunded. It’s the right thing to do.

4.) Also! As a final note for today….I really like Flaco’s little T-Rex arms in today’s strip. Something about that just made me chuckle to draw.