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Thanks, Grammarians!

On behalf of Sheldon readers worldwide, two pieces of Sheldon original art were sent off today to Germany and Canada, in thanks for the over-the-top work put in by Shalaina and Toby. These crime-fighting action squad Grammarians, between the two of them, edited over 1500 strips, and transcribed countless more.

For their thank-you gifts, Shalaina picked this
piece of original art, and Toby picked this one. Good choices, I think!

So, with thanks from Sheldonistas everywhere, I hope you two enjoy these Sheldons framed up on your wall!

And for everyone else…check it out! With just 200 strips left to go, the searchable database of Sheldon toons is runnin’ like butter! Like butter, I tells you! Type in a few words to search for your favorite strip, and BAM, that baby is up on your screen.