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Pics from Sheldonistas

Dipping into the inbox for a minute, I thought I’d share two pics with you:

Sheldonista Erika C. sent in this awesome pic of her pug Boris as Darth Vader. I love the look on Boris’ face: I genuinely can’t tell if he’s acting tough for the role, or if it’s just that he can’t imagine a worse indignity than wearing this costume. Probably a little from Column A and a little from Column B. 🙂

Sheldonista Ryan P. sent in some pics of the recent framing of his Sheldon Original Art:

I thought I’d share this one with you since the double-matted black-and-white look is a particularly nice look around a cartoon. So for all of you who have a Sheldon Original but haven’t yet framed it up — it’s a good look to keep in mind.

Thanks, as always, for all the pics you guys send in!