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Post-SDCC Wrap-Up

First things first: THANK YOU to everyone who came out to San Diego Comic-Con. It was a fantastic five days of laughter and sketches and high-fives and good times. To be able to get out there and meet you all at conventions means a lot to me. I will admit it: The kind words you share about the strip at conventions…? I carry those with me all through the year. So thank you for that!

Thanks also to the three or four English Sheldonistas who brought me Hobnobs cookies from the UK. I and my expanding waistline thank you…they were amazing.

We gave out all the free Dilly Duck prints by Thursday morning and sold out of all the “Pugs” and “Living Dangerously” books we brought (and almost all of the “Nerds on Parade” books as well). Surprisingly, to mostly new readers. Thank you to everyone who dragged their friends/cousins/office mates over to the booth to introduce them to the strip. That means a lot.

This year, I was in a corner booth in a fantastic location, and it seems like everyone found us pretty easily. I shared the booth with my co-authors and friends Kris Straub and Brad Guigar. I laugh all weekend with these two, and miss them greatly when the convention ends. They are two of the most naturally funny guys you could ever want to meet. If you’re not familiar with their work, do yourself a favor and check them out.

On another note: If you took any photos at SDCC of your Sheldon sketch, your high-five, etc., please e-mail ’em to me! Cap’n Forgetful forgot to take pics, and I’d love to show folks how the show went. Thanks!

Oh, and one last thing: The new Sheldon book will be going on sale after the Book Launch party on August 9th. More news on both of those later in the week!