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Project Wonderful

I’m excited to announce that Sheldon has joined the Project Wonderful ad network.

As you know, my philosophy with Sheldon is to give away as much as possible for free. Free strips, free RSS, free daily e-mail delivery, free archives, and more.

But all that free stuff relies on your direct support at the Sheldon Store (thank you, by the way), and advertising.

Project Wonderful is a whole new way to advertise. It let’s normal folks like you, or businesses big and small, advertise cheaply through a bidding process. You don’t have to buy some unnecessarily large block of time, or pay for advertising without knowing the number of pageviews or visitors.

Here’s the Project Wonderful tower ad. —————->

See the little price at the bottom? That’s all you pay to advertise on Sheldon for a day!

I think it’s great, as it gives other small businesses the chance to advertise in a way they might not normally be able to.

Thanks, Project Wonderful!