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Sheldon @ Long Beach Comic-Con!

Heads up for Southern Californians: I’m happy to announce that “Sheldon” and I will be special guests at the first annual Long Beach Comic-Con, Oct 2-4, at the Long Beach Convention Center.

I’m really rooting for this convention, as LA needs a great comics show…and this looks like it could be it. Already, the guest list includes cartoonists like Berke Breathed of “Bloom County”, the cartoonist who’s perhaps most responsible for me wanting to be a cartoonist. And he NEVER does these things, so I’m super excited. There’s tons of other great guests, too, from Stan Lee to Jim Lee…so it’s gonna be awesome.

I’ll be at corner booth #149, right up front, and will have all the Sheldon books, prints, and miscellany, as well as any Original Art you’d like me to bring for the discounted convention price. I’ll be givin’ out free sketches all three days of the show.

Head over to the site and pick up your tickets now. This is a show we should all get behind.