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Slow News Day, To The Extreme

You know, no doubt, of my extraordinary love for the British biscuit, Hobnobs (Which are now sold in the U.S., I’m happy to say! Although my cardiologist is less happy about it.)

Anyway, kind Sheldon reader Jonathan C. sent in this note related to Hobnobs. You have to check out the cream-puff (ha!) news article he mentions:

I wanted to start off by saying that your comic is amazing. Actually, when my girlfriend was going through chemo, I’d send her strips here and there to cheer her up, so thank you for making such amazing work that could bring a little cheer to someone going through something so rough.

Anyways, onto business. I saw this article the other day and I immediately thought of your love of Hobnobs.

Could your beloved snack be a ruthless thug in disguise?

It could indeed, Jonathan! 🙂

On a separate note: Let’s hear it for “Metro” newspapers, bringing you the cutting, hard-charging news you demand.