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Sheldon on the Emerald Isle

Lots of colleges across the U.S. and Canada have been signin’ up to have Sheldon in their school paper for free…but today we got our first “overseas” addition.

That’s fun in-and-of itself…but I mention it in the blog only because the school’s location will make my mom happy: it’s Trinity College, Dublin.

Now, “Kellett”, as you can well tell, is not an Irish name — but my mom’s side of the family is from County Kerry…so this’ll go down well on that side of the clan.

Aaaaand, this is a great opportunity for me to take that Guiness Brewery Tasting Tour from eight years ago as a write-off, right IRS? That’s legit, right? Even though that sweet old lady gave me her extra drink tickets? Right?

In related news, we’re still signing up colleges that are starting back late, or who just voted in their editorial staff, so you’re not too late to join up (…and Univ. of California system, I’m looking squarely at you…I know you started back this week. So UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Davis, or my grad-school alum, UCSD….I expect to hear from one of you!)

And remember, if you’re a student or an editor who’s interested in having Sheldon in your school paper, it’s as easy as an e-mail! We can have you set up and runnin’ Sheldon by tomorrow!