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Star Trek

For those of you who are digging the Star Trek strips, allow me to direct you to some of my past favorites:

1.)The Picard Clock Radio

2.) Star Trek Mashups?

3.) Anti-Matter

4.) Klingon casual-wear

5.) The Secret Klingons in Star Wars

6.) And my absolute favorite…WWAKD?, WWAKD?, part 2, and WWAKD?, part 3.

For TV sci-fi, you often see writers creating a monolithic culture just for expediency alone. So you end up with cultures defined by one or two attributes that are the key. The Borg “will assimiliate you”, the Klingons seek honor in battle, the Ferengi are always looking for profit, etc., etc. It works great in the hour format, ’cause you instantly know what you’re dealing with…and the story can move along.

But if you’re a true nerd, you start to wonder about the Klingon who’s really into accounting, or the Ferengi who wishes his parents would get off his back and let him do regional theater for a few years. And that’s where the current story arc came from: the idea of a Klingon that just wanted to stitch up a fabulous three-piece suit that accentuated the shoulders…made me laugh.

(Which of course led me to Wednesday’s brief appearance by “Torvak: Vulcan Party Planner”. I am so infinitely happy with how his facial expression came out. Look at him! That’s a Vulcan that’s ready to throw an awesome party. It makes me laugh just to look at him.)

Also! Thanks to Sheldon-guest-editor and even-larger-Star Trek-nerd Gary Tyrrell over at Fleen, who informs me that I spelled Stovorkor wrong. I found, like, 19 different spellings for it online…but Lord knows Gary probably has a compendium of Klingon theological works by his bedside to which he can refer. 🙂