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Still More Items of Interest!

1.) I saw a link on Digg today which made me chuckle. It’s a global map showing the countries which have still not adopted the metric system. What an awesome group of superpower nations!

Made me think of this Sheldon toon.

2.) Those of you who get the Sheldon newsletter saw this news weeks ago, but now it’s time to share it with the world! I’m talking about the cover for the third Sheldon book, “62% More Awesome”:

[Click here for a bigger image]

The cover was designed by my buddy Katherine, and has a slightly scuffed-up 1950’s-poster theme…kinda like those “Pan Am Airlines: Flying you to tomorrow, today!” posters. Hope you like it as much as I do!

The book itself features every strip since the last book, plus some strips that we couldn’t fit into “The Good, The Bad & The Pugly”. It includes the “Coffee-Cup Lid Challenge” strips between the boys at Unshelved and I….aaaand, it features the Flaco-in-Space Saturday Storyline — in an expanded format and with material not seen online! This book really does live up to it’s name.

Copies should (fingers crossed) be available at San Diego Comic-Con, so it’s another incentive to come on down to San Diego. Online, the books will go on sale first to
newsletter subscribers in the next few weeks as “pre-sales”. This is mainly so that they get first crack at the limited edition Artit’s Editions. But there’s nothing stopping you from getting the free newsletter as well, so sign on up!

3.) I signed up for Facebook, which I’m already enjoying far more than Myspace. If you wanna be super best-buds on Facebook, drop me a friend request. (But make sure you mention Sheldon in your request, or I won’t know who you are.)