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TALES OF THE DRIVE moved in the archives

Dylan Meconis’ TALES OF THE DRIVE story, “Your Distant Homeland,” has completed, and I couldn’t be happier that that was our first guest story. It’s such a note-perfect story for Nosh, and fills in the background of his heart so lovingly. I really love it.

Each time a story ends, I’ll be moving around the archives so that the story can be read without interruption. So Dylan’s story now begins HERE.


As you know, with all the TALES OF THE DRIVE artists, I’ve specifically told them I don’t want to give them notes, edit them, nitpick them, or tell them what they need to write. My philosophy is: Pick people who create incredible work, and trust them to do wonderful things in the DRIVE universe. And it’s worked so wonderfully here: Dylan created a delightful story — one that I never, ever would’ve written — and yet one that fits better than anything I ever could have written. I’m so pleased our first TALES OF THE DRIVE story came from her.

If you’re of a kind heart to do so, drop her a line on Twitter and let her know what you thought of the story:

TWITTER: @dmeconis

Or drop her a line on her “Contact” form: http://www.dylanmeconis.com/contact/

ALSO: Check out her work!

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And on Monday: Christopher Hastings’ story “Cute Things” begins!