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The Next Sheldon Book Cover

My buddy Katherine and I, in preparation for the next Sheldon book cover, have been poking around 1950’s advertising, looking for inspiration. And today, I’m quite sure that Katherine has uncovered the most disturbing advertisement that the 1950’s ever produced.

Without further ado, I present to you THE WEIRDEST 7-UP AD EVER:

Items of interest:

– That baby is not only drinking 7-Up, he is chugging that bottle whole hog.

– Closer examination of the 7-Up bottle in the foreground reveals a coagulated mass of green ooze floating in the center. (Original formula, perhaps?)

– There is, for reasons unknown, a tiny little lamb in the ad. Perhaps to underscore that down-home, lamb-shank flavor in every delicious bottle of 7-Up.

– Apparently, at one point, the tagline “Nothing does it like Seven-Up!” was considered fantastically persuasive.

– And finally — and most importantly — there can no longer be any doubt as to why we Americans are fat. OUR PARENTS WERE FEEDING US 7-UP AT TWELVE MONTHS, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!

(If you’re interested in seeing more like this, head over to adclassix.com — they’ve got some great stuff.)