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The “Paper” Anniversary

I’ve had no less than three e-mails, this past week, from husbands who gave their wife a Sheldon Original Art for their “paper” anniversary, and my first thought was: “Hey! That’s pretty cool!”

My second thought was: “Man, as far as husbands go, I have NO IDEA what’s on that list of anniversary gifts.”

My assumption is that the list was put together specifically to remind husbands that, not only did they forget their anniversary, they further forgot what *specific thing* they were supposed to get that year. So! to be helpful, I’ve put together the first ten on the list PURELY FROM MEMORY, to help other husbands out there:

Year 1: Paper. Year 2: Copper Pots. Year 3: Selection of Bulgarian Shoes. Year 4: A Small Marmot. Year 5: Radial Tires (and/or snow chains, if needed). Year 6: Gift Certificate to Chuck E. Cheese. Year 7: New Keyboard. Year 8: Jewelry that you picked up at the last minute by walking past the case at Macy’s and going “That’ll do.” Year 9: Selection of Tropical Fish. Year 10: Entire “Where’s Waldo” book collection, including the very rare last book: “HE’S RIGHT THERE.”

So there you go! Help from one husband to many others! Congratulations on your anniversary!