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This is why I cartoon…

I got an increadibly kind e-mail this morning, and it absolutely made my day. It’s e-mails like this that make being a silly little cartoonist so absolutely rewarding…

Got my Nerds on Parade Artist Edition the other day, and decided I
would save it for a calm moment after all this holiday craziness.

Well, last night I couldn’t sleep for freaking out about unemployment
(10 months and counting … woo? hoo?) and would I ever get a job
again and what the HECK should I do with life … so finally at 3am I
told myself to go get a book to read. Ah ha! The new book!

I settled in under the blankets and began reading, and the cat settled
in on top of me (do pugs know exactly where to stand on you for
maximum effect, like cats do? I swear, this one has kidney-seeking
radar in her paws…). And soon I was laughing, smiling, happy, and
not freaking out about money any longer that night. I was able to
finish the book, turn off the light, and (gently, so as not to trigger
the engagement of the Claws Of Death that the cat deploys upon any
hint of “getting out of bed”) rolled over and went to sleep right

Thanks for a lovely evening with the boys, Dave. I’m going to get my
stack of other Sheldon books and leave them on the bedside table for
future such freakouts!