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This weekend! I’m at Long Beach Comic-Con!

All this weekend, I’ll be at the second annual Long Beach Comic-Con, signin’ and sketchin’ and salutatin’.

I’m in booth #407, along with my compadre David Malki (Wondermark). We’re right up toward the front entrance: You can’t miss us.

I’ll have all 9 Sheldon books, plus the Drive book, plus all the prints, plus Sheldon original art at 20%-off. I’ll also have doughnuts, but those’ll be out-of-sight, and mainly for me…and it’s probably best if you don’t even mention them, as it’ll just make me self-conscious about how many I hork down.

Anyway! For those coming, we’ve put together the o-fficial Sheldon guide to the show. Click HERE for the full-size, printable version.