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Three Things About Sunday’s Strip

1.) Today’s Sunday strip was wonderfully colored by our Sheldon intern, Cari. She gave it such a great golden, Autumn feel, didn’t she? Group high-five to Cari, everyone!

2.) Sheldonista A.R. informs me that there is actually a name for the eye-boogers that form during the night: “Haw”. I don’t have a suitably sized Oxford English Dictionary next to me, but the professors among us can perhaps look it up and give us the exact definition in the comments, below.

3.) Sheldon reader Andria S writes in with this:

I happen to teach Physics at a community college, and one of the most
useful tools I teach is the Order of Magnitude calculation, also
called a back of the envelope calculation. If you’re unfamiliar with
this, it’s a way to get a rough estimate of any calculate-able
quantity just by making some reasonable estimates to start. Regarding
your eye crud strip on August 2, 2009, I made what I feel are
reasonable estimates that a bit of eye crud is a small cube with sides
of 1mm; that you either get crud every night of your life in only one
eye, or else in both eyes but every other night of your life; and that
you live 80 years. These estimates get you around 6 teaspoons (2
tablespoons) of crud in a human life time, and I could easily see
getting 1 teaspoon instead with slightly different input guesses.

So Sheldon got it right – though on a test I’d dock him points for not
showing his work. 😉