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Weird Business Models

Living in Los Angeles, like living in any large metro area, I occasionally encounter an odd store where you go “…what the heck is that business model??”

Today’s candidate was a store sign that said “DOUGHNUTS & CHINESE FAST FOOD!”

H…how? …wha? Who EVER craves those two things together?

Even weirder: imagine what the standard order is in a place like that:

“Uh, yeah…gimme two jelly-filled, a glazed, six with sprinkles…and, heck, throw some Moo Goo Gai Pan in there.”

[EDIT: I have to post this image sent in by Sheldonista Aaron B. It’s even funnier than the one I saw. Donuts, Chinese Food, and Liquor! It’s, like, the exact three things that I’ve never wanted to eat together…combined into one superstore!